The Main Squeeze Orchestra

Melissa Elledge

One day a plane crashed, and the only survivor was an infant girl. A pack of wild dogs happened to be roaming by at the time (as wild dogs are wont to do), and stumbled across the frightened baby. The dogs conferred that the baby would one day make a very tasty treat, so they took her in under the guise of raising her. They had heard of these “feral” kids from a some wolf friends of theirs, so it seemed like a good story, should the baby ever ask when she was older. But alas, she was a charming little tike, and grew up with a wild, dare I say “untamed” thirst for knowledge. And the wild dogs, in their elderly multipled-by-7 wisdom, decided to get a second mortgage on their lair to help the girl leave home and seek her fortune. And that she did, stumbling from one town to another, until the day her money ran out, and she hopped a boxcar to New York. It was there she met Rusty, an incorrigible old hobo with a penchant for accordion music, spitting, and stories about where he had “gone wrong”. The girl grew weary of these stories, for she didn’t want to be discouraged with her quest for happiness. Finally, one day whilst fighting over a filched can of greasy sardines, she “accidentally” knocked Rusty out of the moving car, leaving her, (at last!) alone with her dream, Rusty’s accordion, and a whole can of sardines.

The “Nashville Pawn Shop Shattered Dream 615”