The Main Squeeze Orchestra

Rebekah Allen Schwartz

Upon Rebekah’s realization that accordion playing = fun, she decided to try her hand at the portable keys. In just a couple of months, Ms. Allen learned the accordion and graced the stage in a vaudeville show. Wanting to fine-tune her newly found skills, she approached Main Squeeze conductor, Walter, for a lesson. He quickly invited her to be an alternate and before she knew it she was up there, on stage, with the lovely ladies of the Main Squeeze. You can also catch her in several other groups performing around the city, playing her accordion along with her trumpet. If you find yourself enamored with the colorful displays that are the Main Squeeze uniforms, you can thank Rebekah and collaborator, Andy Jordan for those.

She scoured the earth for her hot pink Hohner accordion and finally found one in Germany, home of the oom-pah. With that beauty, you’ll never catch her hiding on stage, or in the grassy plains of Africa .